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Fusion Stone

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Fusion Stone looks fabulous and it’s easy to install. Whether you’re replacing siding, adding exterior accents for curb-appeal, or completing an indoor renovation, Fusion Stone provides innovative thin-stone Systems that are easily installed on both new and existing walls. The patented Fusion Stone Systems use stainless steel components for a lifetime of maintenance-free performance..

It’s Easy…

Fusion Stone ‘Do It Yourself Masonry’ can be installed in any weather, on any kind of wall. “Traditional” Fusion Stone incorporates the use of mortar, while Dry-Stack and Great Lakes Fusion Stone utilizes a mortar-free technology. With either choice, you can achieve; a professional project with just a few basic tools. High quality stainless steel hardware is included with every order.

Fusion Stone - Detail Sills & Keystones

It’s Approved…

Fusion Stone CCMC Report 14008-R

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