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FastenMaster provides a solution to all your exterior fastening needs. From decking to structural fasteners FastenMaster provides innovative solutions to bring Value to your business.

TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw

The TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw has been specifically designed to outperform standard deck screws in softwood decking such as pressure treated, cedar, and redwood in these key areas:

Ultimate Strip-Out Resistance
The Torx TTAP™ drive system offers unmatched stick-fit and wobble-free installation, virtually eliminating fastener stripping during installation or removal. A standard Torx 25 bit will also drive the fastener.

Ultimate Anti-Splitting Resistance
The ThruPOINT™ bores pilot hole during installation, eliminating the wedging effect and splitting caused by standard deck screws.

Ultimate Corrosion Resistance
TRIO’s proprietary coating system delivers 2x better corrosion resistance in salt spray testing than standard deck screws. In addition, the coating is UV resistant to eliminate fading over time.

TRIO Spotter™ Installation Guide*
Much more than a lid, it is a tool engineered to increase fastener installation speed and accuracy.

TRIO is backed by a lifetime guarantee for the life of the decking project. If you are ever unhappy with the performance of TRIO, contact FastenMaster for a full reimbursement.

TrapEase 3 Ultimate Composite Deck Screw

The FastenMaster TrapEase 3 is the only deck fastener guaranteed to create a clean finished look without predrilling in all three types of synthetic decking: composite, PVC, and capstock.

Anti-fade head paint, the new anti-strip Torx® TTAP® drive system, and a lifetime corrosion warranty make TrapEase 3 the Ultimate Composite Deck Screw.

TORX® TTAP® Drive System
The new TrapEase 3 TORX® TTAP® Drive System features a stability button which delivers unmatched stick-fit and wobble free installation that eliminates fastener strip out. Carded Bits are now available!

FastenMaster Spotter
Much more than a lid, the Spotter is an installation guide that reduces installation time by consistently placing the fasteners and gapping the deck boards.

Concealed Fastening Systems

FastenMaster’s Cortex® Concealed Fastening System combines the strength of a face-fastened connection with the beauty of a hidden fastener and is available for market-leading brands of decking and PVC trim.

ThruLok Screw Bolt Fastener

The ThruLOK system combines the speed of a LOK product with the strength of a through-bolted connection in three decking applications: Single 2x to 4x Decking Posts (6 1⁄4”), Notched 6x Carrying Beams (7”) and Double 2x to Single 4x Decking Posts (8”).

ThruLOK is a three-part assembly including a ThruLOK fastener featuring the patent-pending Paddle Point™, engineered washer, and LOK-Nut. Other features include:

  • No predrilling required
  • Installs with an 18 volt cordless drill
  • No drill bits or wrenches required
  • Galvanized coating meets IRC ACQ corrosion requirement
  • Lifetime performance guarantee

ThruLOK is a code-compliant way to attach deck posts and to secure carrying beams.

LOK Line Structural Wood-to-Wood Fasteners

collection of structural wood-to-wood 
screws is used by contractors nationwide to meet code and lower costs. Pre-drilling is not required so structural integrity goes up while labour costs go down.

Composite Deck Screws

TrapEase® composite deck screws, stainless steel composite deck screws and high density composite deck screws mean you’ll always have the right fastener for the job. Nicholson and Cates stocks a variety of colours to complement our Azek and Trex decking lines.

Exterior Wood and Deck Screws

GuardDog is a versatile exterior wood screw used for a variety of applications. The PoziSquare™ Drive eliminates the strip out of a fastener. Fully tested, fully guaranteed in ACQ, Cedar, Redwood and Copper Azole. Corrosion resistant and colour matched to blend with the new pressure treated decking.

Log Home Fasteners

Variety of log home fasteners for specific needs including OlyLog®, LogHog®-SR Settling Resistant fastener, and LogHog® heavy-duty fastener.