For over 50 years my family has owned and managed Nicholson and Cates and in all of that time we’ve focused on maximizing customer satisfaction as the key to our success.

We’ve grown from a small family run operation with a dozen employees to a nationwide company with over 100 employees by offering the most innovative and high-quality products, superior supply chain management and a sales/customer support team that puts customer needs first.

Our corporate culture empowers our people to be accountable and to make the decisions needed to respond effectively to customers’ changing needs. I’m proud that Nicholson and Cates does more than promise customer satisfaction – we always go the extra step to consistently deliver on that promise.

Our people are industry experts, skilled and knowledgeable about our products and always current on emerging market trends. We encourage continual learning and employee advancement with the result that our customers always receive the most up-to-date and accurate information in addition to our full attention to even the smallest details of every order. I have great confidence in our people and our processes and I urge you to contact us directly with any questions or feedback.

Across the road, across the border and across the ocean, we look forward to further enhancing our industry partnerships and always welcome new opportunities to work with you and for you.

Jim Livermore